Muğla Comes Third at Tobacco Law Inspections

19th, 2012
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26.591 offices and stores were made inspections at the first 10 months of this year for the smoke-free zone in Muğla. Offices and stores who have not obeyed the smoke-free zone conditions were fined including 84 administrations and 56 people.
Muğla Deputy Governor Mestan Yayman stated Turkey set a great example for this application of smoke-free zone and maintained Turkey had been the first and only country fulfilling the conditions of MPower by World Health Organization for the struggle against tobacco carrying on since 2008. Yayman said, “The struggle against tobacco carry on regularly within a specific program in our province. The inspection rates are above two thousands of our goal at the end of October 2012 and we are at the first three as a country.”
Deputy Governor Yayman indicated in case they got reports inspections started without running to the schedule. He said, “Thanks to inspections made with tablet PCs, inspections can be shared on the information centre instantly and controls and auditings may be sustained faster, thoroughly and effectively.”
Mestan Yayman explained they carried out these inspections in the entire city with 16 people team: “Inspections are made mostly at closed areas including restaurants, cafes, pubs, places where waterpipe may be smoked, shopping centres, cinemas, terminals, hairdressers and barbers where citizens come and go frequently and open areas where tobacco consuming is seen most, educational institutions and social service buildings where tobacco is prohibited.”

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