No Busıness For Buılders Wıthout Certıfıcate

10th, 2012
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It has become mandatory that all builders and construction foremen have certificates of proficiency, or a provisional certificate starting from January 1, 2012. 

According to the regulations published on December 16, 2010 by Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, construction foremen will not be able to work without a certificate of proficiency.

Muğla Vocational Training Center warned all workers in the sector to get their provisional certificates until January 1, 2012. With their provisional certificate, they can attend 32-40 hour courses untill 2015 to get their certificate of proficiency.

Unless they do not get their certificate of proficiency or  provisional certificate until January 1, 2012, they will be banned by relevant authorities and building control bodies which will do audits and inspections to construction sites and constructions.

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