No Passage at Dispanser Street

23rd, 2014
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Fethiye Municipal Police took criminal actions against the motor vehicles entering the area which is closed to traffic on Dispanser Street in Cumhuriyet Village.

Dispanser Street, the attraction centre also mentioned as Boutique City Project which was started with the initiatives of Fethiye Council, had been closed to traffic and opened only to pedestrians. Despite the traffic signs and iron blocks attached in the entrance of streets, violations continued. Inspections were carried out all summer and many motorbikes and vehicles were fined. Fethiye Municipal Police Director Halime Ok explained the inspections: “Despite all the precautions and criminal actions taken at the attraction centre from 2011 up to now, we could not prevent the entrance of motor vehicles in the area where only pedestrians are allowed. It is good news that there has not been any accident so far, however, a motorcycle rider who was fined before re-entered the same area, which indicates that we cannot raise awareness on our people. The only purpose of our inspections with the principle ‘Municipal police is not punisher but educational.’ We especially expect motorbike users to be more careful about this matter.”

According to the information given by Fethiye Municipal Police Directorate, the inspections were made on 500, 501, 502, 503 and 504 streets in Dispanser Area, also known as the attraction centre, and motor vehicles entering the area closed to traffic were given 189,00 TL penalty.


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