No sanction in praying in Fethiye

15th, 2011
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Fethiye’s unique culture, which is a combination of Turkish hospitality and Western tolerance, has created an atmosphere open to a thriving church community. Fethiye Community Church is an international, non-denominational, Bible-based, christian church with followers of Jesus Christ meeting in Fethiye. Regular meetings feature thoughtful bible teaching, prayer, and worship with sincere fellowship. The Church, which is presently led by the Pastor Mike and Mary Calva, has met in three home-services but now has a rented home located in the corner of streets 1024 and1027 inCalis – Fethiye. The Sunday services in Fethiye are English speaking and usually have between 15 and 35 people in attendence.

Fethiye Community Church started in 2005 with Maggie Collins who was then thinking that she was the only Christian in Fethiye. Maggie Collins of Fethiye Community Church began thinking of Christians in 2005. Mike and Mary Calva heard about whilst they were each a few hours sailing away, and decided that they would go and see all, and in doing so the church saw massive growth – from a church of a church of 1 to 5, literally overnight! Calva, Mike and Mary on her while away a few hours of sailing will be heard, and they decided to go and see him and the church has seen tremendous growth in so doing, 15-seat church, a church, literally in one night!

Since that time the church has grown from meeting in homes, Maggie’s and others to a hotel in Calis where over 100 people came last Christmas Carols by Candlelight Service on Christmas Eve. Since then, the church houses of Maggie and others, over 100 people came last Christmas on Christmas Eve Carols by Candlelight Service Plays meeting grew up in a hotel. Mostly, of course, there are less than half that number but the church is growing in every way.

Each week there’s Sunday Worship, mid-week Bible Study for the men and the ladies and a Turkish Bible Study meeting to help the Turkish believers grow, an evening meeting where we are open to move in spiritual gifts and other opportunities for fellowship. Worship every Sunday, men and women believers to help you grow and Turks, a Turkish Bible Study meeting, we have the spiritual gifts, and other opportunities for fellowship open to move mid-week Bible Study for an evening meeting. There is a smaller fellowship meeting in Gocek where a dolmus (mini bus) goes around the village collecting Those Who want to go. A dolmus (minibus) goes around the village collecting those who want to go to Gocek, a small meeting of a friendship there.

Shows a slow but steady growth of the Turkish church and we have recently started a monthly bi-lingual service to be able to worship together with us, Turkish or any other language you speak! Showing a slow but steady growth in the Turkish church, and more recently, English, Turkish or another language to be able to speak two languages ​​with a monthly worship service has begun! It is very exciting to see how God is working in Turkey in the lives of the people of this land. God, the lives of the people of this land in Turkey is very exciting to see how it works. We’re growing together as a church to look forwards and to know Jesus more and to share Him with our friends and neighbors.

Update – Fethiye Community Church is breaking down cultural and denominational boundaries day by day. The months of June, July, August and even September in Turkey are very busy ones. Everyone’s anticipation of the year being a good one for tourists is riding high and the weather makes it the perfect time to get married or to have a renewal of vows. The fine weather is here to stay and with the sun optimism abounds.

Events – We have many types of events, for all age groups and languages to provide services for Fethiye Community Church. Take a look and see if something is a good fit for you, and if you don’t see something that appeals, tell us what would be helpful to you.

Pastor Mike will introduce himself and his family to you, valuable readers, in next issue of our newspaper. Suffice it to say that, from today, Pastor Mike will continue to write on every subject which he finds appropriate in this column…

Compiled by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Turhan Kani Üçgün

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