Number of Real Estates Sold to Foreigners Decreases for the First Time in Months

10th, 2015
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Turkish Statistical Institute announced the real estate sales of September. According to the numbers registered by Turkish Statistical Institute, real estate property sales to foreigners have decreased 4.8%. In recent months, there was an increasing trend to real estate sales to foreigners.

92.483 houses were sold in September 2015, which is 20.1 % decrease than the same month last year throughout Turkey. Istanbul had the biggest share with 15.994 real estate sales (17.3%). The number of property sales was registered 9810 (10.6%) in Ankara and 5251 (5.7%) in İzmir. The lowest numbers were registered in Hakkari (11 property sales), Şırnak (16 sales) and Ardahan (19 real estate sales.)



The real estate property sales to foreigners have decreased to 1768 with a rate of 4.8 % than the same month last year. Istanbul was the first in property sales to foreigners with 561 real estate sales while Antalya follows Istanbul with 440 sales, Yalova is ranked third with 126 sales, Bursa had 112 sales, Trabzon was registered with 105 sales and Muğla had 85 real estate sales.



Iraqi citizens have bought 359 real estates from Turkey in September. Saudi Arabia citizens have also bought 204 real estates while citizens of Kuwait have bought 160 properties, Russians have bought 115 real estates and the British have bought 109 real estates.

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