Ölüdeniz yarenler had a balloon tour in cappadocia

3rd, 2011
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  Ölüdeniz Yarenler were invited to 6th Cappadocia Poetry Festival where they had a balloon tour and sang the 10th year anthem in the sky.

Ölüdeniz Yarenler took stage in the activities in which 15 mayors and about 100 local and foreign guests attended. They won great admiration of the audience by singing our folk songs.  The audience and the poets who had already known Yarenler from newspapers and TV were very surprised to see them live on stage and they sang along the songs all together.  When Yarenler started performing 10th year anthem the whole auidence in the room stood up to accompany singing the anthem together, and then they applauded Yarenler for several minutes.

The next day, on September 18 Sunday morning Ölüdeniz Mayor Keramettin Yılmaz surprised Yarenler by gifting them a balloon tour. Taking off  at 07.15 o’clock in the morning, the balloon ran all the Cappadocia region gliding in the sky for about an hour. As TRT (Turkish Radio & TV) and AA (Anatolian Agency) staff get on the balloon for some shootings, Yarenler performed a special show in the sky. They sang Makaram Sarı Bağlar,  Tiridine Bandım and 10th year anthem for TRT and AA at tens of meters above the ground.

Enjoying ther balloon tour together with Ölüdeniz Mayor Keramettin Yılmaz and Ölüdeniz Art House Director Coşkun Karabulut, Yarenler thanked the mayor for this nice gesture. Mayor Yılmaz said they deserved the tour with their brilliant performance, and he was thankful to Yarenler himself.

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