Only the Products of Fethiye Being Sold 

4th, 2016
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Fethiye Home has been opened at Erasta Shopping Mall with a ceremony. Fethiye Home Volunteers will transfer their incomes to women, the disabled and education of students in need by introducing local products of Fethiye.

There was great enthusiasm to the products of Fethiye Home volunteers at the opening ceremony. Fethiye Mayor Behçet Saatçi made a speech at the ceremony and indicated that they should promote local products and announced these shops would be opened in other villages as well.

At Fethiye Home, only local products including olive oil, pomegranate syrup, soap, dried pepper will be sold. Their income would be donated to women who make these products, children who need financial support for education and the disabled.

The opening ceremony attracted great attention. Disabled citizens cut the ribbon for the opening ceremony. Nesrin Saatçi, the founder of Fethiye Home Volunteers, and other volunteer women have gained great support and appreciation.



Fethiye Mayor Behçet Saatçi stated they were delighted to keep their promise for opening a selling place of local products. Mayor Saatçi said local products must be promoted, “If you keep the local culture alive, you also keep and revive the national culture. We will lose everything if we lose our culture.”

Mayor Saatçi said many people showed great efforts for Fethiye Home although he was the one making a speech here and thanked everyone for their support. Saatçi explained all the income of this place would be donated to housewives, students and the disabled and they aimed at opening other branches in Kayaköy, Esenköy and Üzümlü Villages. Mayor Saatçi also thanked Nurettin Eroğlu, the Chairman of Eroğlu Group Executive Board.


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