Özgecan Park Opened in Fethiye

4th, 2016
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On March 8 International Women’s Day, Özgecan Aslan Park has been opened in Fethiye. 

The name of Özgecan Aslan, who was brutally murdered on her way home by a minibus driver in Tarsus District of Mersin on February 11, 2015, has been given to a park in Fethiye. The park has been opened on March 8 International Women’s Day and also featured a Monument for Özgecan Aslan, 5 m high.

Özgecan Park is situated on the 2nd coast road in Fethiye. Fethiye Mayor Behçet Saatçi, his wife Nesrin Saatçi, Songül Aslan, the mother of Özgecan Aslan, brother Barış Aslan, aunt Fethiye Öner, Akif Arıcan, President of Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry, District Mufti Oğuzhan Kadıoğlu, the Justice and Development Party District President Kadir Sarıhan, several representatives from civil society organizations and many citizens attended the opening ceremony.

Songül Aslan, mother of Özgecan Aslan, told about Özgecan in tears with a speech full of emotions. Her mother said she wanted to be psychologist: “Many more women were brutally murdered after my daughter. As a mother, I hope no women will be assaulted and murdered and families won’t suffer anymore. Mothers have the biggest role to raise children. Children represent their mother first. Raise your sons with a love of God and compassion. Children who are raised with a love of God and compassion would not hurt a fly and they cannot hurt women. Özgecan used to say she had her dreams, she was special. She was very hardworking. She used to study hard. She always wanted to be a good psychologist and said she would treat everyone. Unfortunately, she could not make her dreams come true.”



“We would like to open a rehabilitation centre dedicated to her. I will be appreciated for all your supports for this issue.  If you send an SMS writing Özgecan to 1396 that only costs 5TL, you will contribute to my daughter’s dream and help open the rehabilitation centre because men using violence on women must be educated…”


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