Penalty of Noise Pollution is 60 Thousand TL

27th, 2012
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The Municipality has taken an action when the noise pollution complaints of foreign tourists have increased in Ölüdeniz District. We had given the related news on our pages before.
The Municipality has taken an action when the noise pollution complaints of foreign tourists have increased in Ölüdeniz District. The Municipality considers to fine administrations not having permission for loud music and playing too loud music up to 60 thousand TL. The Municipality of Ölüdeniz has started applying enforcement due to the increasing complaints about noise pollution at hotels and bars in Ölüdeniz. The Municipality has published a notice for bar, disco and restaurant owners concerning the planned enforcements to be applied next season to warn them about loud music. Ölüdeniz Mayor KeramettinYılmaz explained they had not taken criminal actions against administrations so far and this situation would change now and the bars, discos and restaurants making music noise and disturbing the neighbourhood would be fined between 19 thousand and 60 thousand TL. Yılmaz pointed out music played at bars, discos and pool sides and motorcycle noises made by staff while they were leaving their work disturbed tourists accommodating in the district and said, “From today, administrations not having loud music permission paper and playing loud music outside would be fined. The penalty will be between 19 thousand and 60 thousand TL with these protocols to be sent to Fethiye District Governorship. We have been a touristic site not taking statements down so muchuntil now. However, we have to take our measurements as complaints have increased. This should be the place where everyone can live in peace.” FETOB President YavuzTorunoğulları stated noise pollution and commissioning had a bad effect on tourism, they held meetings with tourism administrations in the entire Fethiye and guests of these administrations usually complained about noise pollution and commissioning. Torunoğulları said, “In order to prevent losses in tourism, we have asked for the support of the municipality in Ölüdeniz District. Bars making loud noises are known by everyone. If they continue doing this, we will report them. If there is a rule, everyone has to obey it. 10 % neglect these rules and necessary precautions should be taken if they affect tourism badly.” It was announced that complaints received at the 179 Tourism Call and Consultancy Centre which was opened as a part of Muğla Governorship included noise and environmental pollution the most. 900 complaints made by phone and e-mail from Fethiye to the centre are received from foreigners living in Ölüdeniz. The phones of the centre rang mostly about the noise pollution. 200 of 488 complaints were from noise pollution and 59 complaints were from environmental and sea pollution. By the way, the Municipality of Fethiye has started an arrangement to draw the attention to noise pollution for the entire town. The Municipality has warned citizensagainst horns used unnecessarily and loud music with billboards as well.

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