President Takes on Responsibility for Fethiye Football Team

15th, 2015
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Fethiye Council arranged the last council meeting of 2015 in the presidency of Mayor Behçet Saatcı and decided to provide full support to Fethiye Football Team for city stadium. While all the recent issues were discussed in the council, decisions were taken unanimously. Summary of decisions were read for November 2015 and the commission decisions were read by Mert Demir, CHP Councilman, regarding the amendment of regulations sent to Fethiye Council Commissions.



6 articles were discussed in the December meeting of Fethiye Council. 3 articles were voted unanimously and the other 3 articles were transferred to construction commission and the commission of other works. The council is to discuss a more detailed review and research related to the construction of Fethiye Faculty of Management A block in January. Fethiye Council has given full power to Fethiye Mayor Behçet Saatçi for the tenure of Fethiye City Stadium for all the maintenance.

Another important matter being discussed at Fethiye Council was the legal process of Fethiye Stadium. Mayor Saatçi has been given full authority of the right of use for the City Stadium of General Sports Directorate of Plan and Project Management registered in Kesikkapı District, plot 351, parcel 33 in accordance with the Municipal Corporations Law 5393 Section 15 to arrange the related protocols, contracts and signatures.



Mayor Saatçi stated: “We were considering transferring the stadium to Provincial Sports Directorate this season. However, the management of Fethiye football team has been transferred to us. They told us the amount of the annual expense of this arrangement. Anyone interested in football in Fethiye knows how things work for Fethiye football team anyway. If we transferred the stadium to Provincial Sports Directorate, we would have to pay the advertisement revenues in the stadium, outputs, maintenance fees, etc. from the incomes of Fethiye Council. We provide this stadium to Fethiye football team with a very small nominal fee annually and we pay all the expenses!” Mayor Saatçi will sign a protocol with Provincial Sports Directorate for the tenure of City Stadium by using his full authority.


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