Production Project with a Guarantee of Purchase from the Metropolitan Council

23rd, 2014
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alım garantili üretim (3)Muğla Metropolitan Council started arrangements to produce decorative plants for the landscaping of councils and municipalities in Muğla.

Muğla Metropolitan Council Agriculture Department carried out the first training works in Köyceğiz-Beyobaşı which was chosen the pilot area for the Decorative Plant Production Project with a Guarantee of Purchase.

The project implemented by Muğla Metropolitan Council Agriculture Department guarantees the production of required decorative plants to all the municipalities in Muğla in cooperation with farmers and a guarantee of purchase is given with a contract with farmers. Farmers see which product and how many products they will grow with this contract.

For “Seasonal Decorative Plants”, Agricultural Services Directorate started arrangements for decorative plants frequently requested by municipalities as first initiatives.

Beyobası is the Pilot Region

An educational meeting was organized to farmers by the Agriculture Department for the project. Beyobaşı Village has been chosen as the pilot region for this purpose. The educational works for the production of “Seasonal Decorative Plants” that started in October continue. After the educations, the production process, production and feeding of plants will continue to be told to farmers by the staff of Agricultural Services Directorate and Agricultural Engineers as technical support and farmers will be under inspection during the production process.

Based on the plans, the production of seasonal decorative plants with a guarantee of purchase will continue with broad-leaved tree groups in the long term and bush group in the medium term.

Aalih Tufan, Muğla Metropolitan Council Agriculture Department Manager, stated, “Nowadays, occupants in the cities where urbanization and concretion increase day by day long for greenness and nature more. It is the utmost duty of municipalities to meet these requirements of city people. Parks and Recreation Departments of Municipalities work hard to offer the most beautiful places to public. Farmers of Muğla will be included in the sector of decorative plant which has been growing day by day. This arrangement has indicated one more time that citizens and farmers of Muğla support one another.”

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