Property Sales from Foreigners Increase

27th, 2013
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emlakçılar derneği (3)_640x427It was announced that foreigners purchasing properties in Fethiye started selling their houses due to the economic crisis in their country. Şeref Varlı, the President of Fethiye Association of Real Estate Agents, explained that the economic crisis in Europe affected the real estate sector negatively like the other sectors. Varlı noted that nearly 4 thousand houses belonged to foreigners in Fethiye and the real estate sales which were a lot a few years ago decreased within the last years. Varlı said that the economic crisis in Europe made the foreigners sell their properties in Turkey: “A person who suffers from the economic crisis in his country most probably gets a house or car credit in his country as well. He pays his debts that he cannot pay due to the crisis sacrificing his investments in Turkey. So there is a significant increase in property sales from foreigners. Such a beautiful place like Fethiye always draws enthusiasm. The property sold by the English today might be purchased by Russians or Arabs tomorrow,” said Varlı and added, “Due to the unrest in the Middle East, Arabs have started investing in Turkey as well. As Arab families are crowded, they demand big houses. And it makes us happy.” Varlı noted that the earthquake had affected the real estate sector in Fethiye negatively last year, “We have been living here for centuries. Whether there is an earthquake or not, we will not leave this country. Due to the earthquakes here, our constructors tend to build better quality buildings. Earthquake used to damage our town but it does not damage any more even if it may be felt.” Varlı pointed out that there were several issues affecting the economy but despite everything Fethiye would always attract attention as it was a unique place. Varlı explained that foreigners mostly preferred buying properties in Ölüdeniz, Çalış, Üzümlü, Çiftlik, Hisarönü and Ovacık Districts.

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