Rafting Excitement by Inflatable Boats on Karaçay Stream

21st, 2014
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Karaçay’da Şişme Botlarla Rafting Heyecanı (4)_1204x800Tourists visiting Fethiye enjoy their holiday with rafting at Saklıkent Gorge where they went by jeep safari. Holiday-makers who look for adrenaline and adventure in the waters cold as ice at Saklıkent Gorge situated between Antalya and Muğla put on special shoes and lifesavers and get on the inflatable boats and start rowing. Having chosen one of the rafting tours at several etapes, holiday-makers struggle at the challenging etape for hours. Holiday-makers throw themselves to the cold waters of Eşen Stream at the end of the rafting tour taking place around bird calls and oleanders. Having reached to Saklıkent Gorge located in Seydikemer District between Muğla and Antalya by jeep safaris, tourists also have mud baths and turn their holiday into a great entertainment activity. Domestic and foreign tourists looking for adventure join the jeep safari tours organized in Fethiye. After tourists go hiking at the canyon, they go on rafting tours and find themselves at the famous mud bath. Holiday-makers dive into the muddy areas arranged on the specific point between Karaçay and Eşen Streams. Holiday-makers taking this tour also visit ruins including Patara and Tlos by jeeps after the rafting activity. Finishing racetracks between 5 and 15 km takes about 45 minutes and 3 hours. Rafting lovers pay the Turin distance for the tour in advance and complete the tour quite happily. Adem Aykırı, Cadianda Jeep Safari Firm Director organizing jeep safari tours for domestic and foreign holiday-makers every day, said, “We organize safari tours for those who would like to visit historical and touristic sites of Fethiye every day. We go on safari tours by nearly 10 jeeps daily. We take holiday-makers to Tlos, Saklıkent, Xantos, Patara and Karadere beaches at the safari tour. Holiday-makers are especially mesmerized by Saklıkent Gorge. Tourists getting tired of the extremely hot weather in Fethiye enjoy a different day getting cool at the waters of Saklıkent Gorge.”

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