Romanian Young Man Becomes A Muslim and Waits for Circumcision

27th, 2013
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romanyalı genç müslüman oldu (5) 17 year old Romainian Didi Elemo who lives in Ölüdeniz District of Fethiye has become a Muslim and waits for circumcision. Elemo was included in the circumcision feast which is to be organized as part of 10th Ölüdeniz Culture and Art Festival with the sponsorship of a shopping mall and a ceremony took place in the council hall of the municipality for Elemo first. Elemo who has become a Muslim reciting the kalima shahadah of Ovacık Mosque Imam Yalçın Karagöz will be circumcised at the circumcision feast.
Ölüdeniz Mayor Keramettin Yılmaz made a speech at the ceremony and said they would circumcise a thousand children at the 10th festival of the municipality this year. Yılmaz explained that people with many different nationalities lived in Ölüdeniz, Elemo became a Muslim and applied for circumcision to the municipality.
Yılmaz also explained that they would organize a paragliding flight from Babadağ to make him happy and overcome his fear on his special day. Ovacık Mosque Imam Yalçın Karagöz noted that Elemo chose to be a Muslim with his own will and they could not organize an official ceremony since he was not 18 yet.
Karagöz said that Elemo could apply to District Mufti Office when he turned 18 in order to complete the official transactions: “I hope our brother who has chosen to be a Muslim will feel the beautiful spirit of Islam in his heart. He can enjoy those beauties. We will pray with him for his wonderful decision.”
Having chosen to be a Muslim, Didi Elemo said he would change his name into Tarkan Yusuf. Elemo explained that he came to Turkey 3 years ago with his family and started working in a bakery shop in Ölüdeniz. Elemo said that his friends at work taught him Turkish and added, “My friends told me about Islam and I wanted to be a Muslim. I will obey the rules of Islam and be circumcised. I don’t know how to be but I can’t wait it.”

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