Russian Billionaire Flies by Paragliding in Fethiye

10th, 2015
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Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko (43) jumped by parachute from Mount Babadağ. Andrey Melnichenko, one of the richest businessmen in Russia, was in Ölüdeniz District for holiday. He docked his mega yacht, which he had bought in 2008 and named ‘A Hamilton’ dedicated to his Serbian model wife Aleksandra Melnichenko (38) near Belceğiz Beach. Melnichenko wanted to fly by paragliding so he went to the top of Mount Babadağ by a private jeep. Melnichenko had a tandem flight with Mustafa Huri, parachute pilot, from the runway on 1700m.



Melnichenko took control over his parachute after the take-off and used the parachute himself for a while. He watched his super luxurious yacht docked near Belceğiz Beach from the sky. Having stayed in the air for half an hour and watched the spectacular view of Ölüdeniz, Melnichenko landed in Belceğiz Beach with the pilot. Melnichenko paid 600 TL to Paragliding Pilot Mustafa Huri instead of 300 TL, which is the regular fee after his flight. Melnichenko went to his yacht with his guard later.



According to a research of Forbes Magazine in 2015, Melnichenko ranked number 137 on the list of the richest people in the world with his personal fortune worth $ 8,6 billion and is known the 12th richest businessman of Russia. Melnichenko, married and father of a child, also attracted attention with his mega yacht designed as a submarine. Belceğiz Beach was swarmed by tourists who wanted to see the yacht. Daily tour boats took their way near the yacht. Tourists took the pictures of the luxury yacht. The yacht was built in 4 years and can reach a speed of 26 miles in an hour. With a length of 119 m and 18 wide, the super yacht with 8 floors has also a room to watch underwater. The mega yacht having a capacity for 20 guests has a crew of 54.


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