Saatcı ; “I cannot act as a mayor if my hands are tied”

29th, 2012
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In the press conference, the mayor Behçet Saatci explained his ideas about the city municipality. With a new legislation, all the towns of Muğla province are planned to be governed from the city centre which is called metropolitan city municiplaity. Up to now, all the towns had their own municipalities. Saatci who stated that the authorities of the town municipalities were going to be reduced as the city was going to be under the control of one central municipality. Additionally he told that Kemer’s name was going to be changed as Seydikemer and it was going to be another town separate from Fethiye administratively thus the regions of tourism and agriculture are going to be separated from each other.
In the press conference he has given, the mayor of Fethiye, Behçet Saatcı commented that “we have shared our opinions about the metropolitan city municipality with you and with the residents of Fethiye and Muğla. I have always expressed my idea that it is not right to be administrated from one centre in a place like Muğla therefore the local municipalities should continue. Local municipalities assure that the problems are solved on the spots they occur. With the new regulations the bureaucracy is increased. Although there are some works to reduce the obligations to apply to the city centre, still it is going to be a drawback.”

“It is logical”
Saatcı who said that “It is logical that Kemer has become another town under the name of Seydikemer.” commented as follows “it is going to be opened for approval in the cabinet. I thank the ones who have made this decision. I have been following the works about this issue for two months. The parameters of Fethiye are on two separate lines; tourism and agriculture. They are separated. The regions of agriculture are in Seydikemer now.”

“My opinion has not been asked.”
Saatcı went on as follows: “As a mayor my opinion about the metropolitan city municipality has not been asked. I have shared my ideas in the meeting of MHP(Nationalist Populist Party) that was held in İstanbul. Fethiye should become a province. I am in the same opinion. It is impossible to solve the problems of Fethiye by putting it under the control of Muğla municipality. You cannot know how it is going to result before it is applied. When you read the rough draft you see that all the authorities of the town municipalities are taken. Pavement works, water works, garbage works, deposit and fireworks are all going to be under the control of Muğla municipality. Fethiye is going to have a municipality the hands of which are all tied. The metropolitan city municipality can appoint a director thus at least the problems of the discrimination that stem from the difference of political parties in-between the municipalities and personal hostilities will come to an end. In some places there are examples of this. A coordination centre is going to be found and the governor himself will lead it. No one can expect anything before this system settles down. ”

“I am going to make my decision after the New Year’s Eve.”
The mayor Saatci ended his speech as follows: “Some Dalton brothers have been writing and sketching about my candidacy for the city municipality of Muğla. You have not heard anything from me about either city municipality or my candidacy for the municipality. If the new legislation is approved I am the mayor of Fethiye for one more year. I am going to make my decision on the New Years Eve. I need to see the authorities. I cannot be a mayor if my hands are tied. ”

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