Sea Tourism Down 30 %

17th, 2015
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Ş.ARIKAN (1)Şaban Arıkan, President of IMEAK Chamber of Shipping Fethiye Branch, said sea tourism falls 30 % down this year and this decline directly affects tourism sector statistically and financially.

The Chamber of Shipping had given launching boats 5059 transit logs in July last year while 3712 transit logs have been given this year. Şaban Arıkan, President of IMEAK Chamber of Shipping Fethiye Branch, stated they were 30 % down than last year, “30 % decline means that tours have not been organized in 1300 weeks. 1300 may seem like a small number but it indicates that our boats have not organized tours for 1300 times. It also means that they have not done shopping from groceries and markets for 1300 times. They have not gone to a restaurant for nearly 1300 times, which is basically the same thing.”

Arıkan said, “When we check these numbers, nearly 9100 people have not gone on tours this year. Daily cost of our boats is 1000 Euros. A boat goes on a tour for 1 week. So when you multiply 1300 to 7000 Euros, you reach a big number. Arıkan indicates this situation is challenging for tourism in Turkey: “Because money comes by cash to us. If we receive money by cash, we do shopping from markets and groceries on the same day. This is only for charter boats. There are also daily boat tours. They have unfortunately started tours only after the Eid. Foreign markets are not so effective to cause national tourism to go bad. It is very important how our country looks like from the outside. European press shows Turkey on their list of dangerous countries. European governments clearly tell their citizens not to go to Turkey because it is risky.”


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