See The Life Different With The Light Of The Angels

24th, 2012
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We are the Light of the Angels, life & counseling center, and we aim to serve you in the fields of bioenergy, reiki, meditation and psychological counseling in Fethiye. In order to define our wide range of services better, we would like to remind you 3 small points:

We, as human beings, are a part of universal energy and we have our individual energy field and electrical energy system at the same time. We are the resultants of physical, mental and spiritual energy fields. We call this energy,  the energy we received from the universe and internalised, the life energy, vitality, BIOENERGY. Bioenergy is the vital force that provides the dynamics of the body.

We dissipate our emotions, thoughts and physical energy into the universe by means of our magnetic field we call AURA,  and draw the energies similar to the frequency, quality of our energy field. Our aura is a part of ourselves which can communicate with the universe. In case of  any negativity in any of these three energies,  the aura will be damaged, resulting in energy loss and imbalance.

   We transfer the energy we receive from the universe with aura, to our physical body with the help of energy centers we call CHAKRA. Chakras are in different vibration, color and resonance, and with the energy they draw, they feed and support a whole system (digestive, circulatory, nervous, etc.), surrounding organs, our cell renewal and psychical aspects (express ourselves, the joy of life, intuitive aspects, detection, evaluation).

With these reminders in mind, we can shortly define the mission of Light of the Angels as follows: to assist the energy balance and nutrition we’ve received from the universe and dissipate to the universe, to support and improve health with reiki and chakra purification,  to improve dynamism with bioenergy, affirmation of our outlook on life and to ourselves with the right questions. Only you have the power for inception and solution. We only stand on the right spot looking at the right direction, and share our knowledge.

Let us be the first point for the beginning and the change in your life.

Light of the Angels, Life & Counseling Center

Tel: 0252 613 60 62

GSM: 0530 388 56 17

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