She Visits Fethiye for Holiday and Becomes a Muslim

10th, 2015
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English tourist Debbie Jayne who has been in Fethiye for the third time has become a Muslim.

Debbie Jayne (48), who lives in Wales, met Islam thanks to her friend working as a bartender in a hotel in Ölüdeniz when she visited Fethiye for the second time. She searched for Islam after she returned to her country and decided to be a Muslim. On her third visit, she applied to Fethiye Mufti Oğuzhan Kadıoğlu with her friend Mustafa Bilim. A conversion ceremony was organized for Debbie Jayne at the District Mufti Office. British Debbie Jayne recited the kalima shahadah to be a Muslim and religious officials at the mufti office read Koran. Mufti Oğuzhan Kadıoğlu explained the religious ceremonies and prayers of Islam to Jayne.

Mufti Oğuzhan Kadıoğlu presented the conversion certificate to Jayne and said, “She said she wanted to be a Muslim. We told her about Islam. She recited the kalima shahadah. I have arranged this certificate and presented to her.”

British Debbie Jayne said she searched for Islam with the request of her friend Mustafa and chose this religion. Jayne said it was her third time in Fethiye for vacation: “I accepted to be a Muslim. From now on, I will live my life as a Muslim.”

Mustafa Bilim explained he told her about Islam when she was interested: “After we met, I asked her if she wanted to be a Muslim. Then she did a research. She said she wanted to be a Muslim at her last visit. Then we came to the Mufti’s office.”

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