Shopping and Living Centre Construction Begins

7th, 2013
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belediye avm proje (2)The construction of the new Shopping and Living Centre which was one of the campaign promises of Fethiye Mayor Behçet Saatçi at 2009 local elections begins. The construction contract for the shopping and living centre which is one of the most anticipated projects on the polls carried out by the people of Fethiye has been signed. The Shopping and Living Centre is expected to be completed in a year. The construction of the shopping and living centre whose construction contract has been signed and which is to be built on the unused area of the wholesale market begins. The shopping and living centre which is mostly common in metropolitan cities will be multipurpose use. The shopping centre will not only be a shopping centre but also a living project and is to be introduced to the use of the people.

Eroğlu Starts to Pay

Demolition works have been started at the area after the wholesale market has been moved, yet, no participations had been seen at the first two tenders related to the project. The 3rd tender has been given to EroğluConstructionBuilding and Real Estate Development Industry and Commerce Limited Company. After the construction contract has been signed, it is anticipated that the shopping and living centre is to be completed and introduced to public use within a year. After the contract has been signed, the Municipality has gained the annual tender value of the shopping centre before opening the shopping centre to the administration. So the constructing company must complete the project without wasting any time and open it as soon as possible. Eroğlu Construction Building and Real Estate Development Industry and Commerce Limited Company, which had carried out several big projects such as Skyland İstanbul, Platform Residents, Harmony, has started working to complete the shopping and living centre to change the face and identity of Fethiye.

Nationwide Project Contest Organized

The shopping and living centre, one of the most anticipated projects to change the identity of Fethiye with the new arrangements, will be multipurpose use. The project which was accepted after the contest among other 109 projects, two of which were from abroad, will be introduced in several social platforms as well.

 “Those Who Objected Were the First to Participate”

There are also some people who object to the shopping and living centre project which is to change the face of Fethiye and make Fethiye a new brand. Fethiye Mayor Behçet Saatçi gave information to the press members about the shopping and living centre project which is protested particularly by the Justice and Development Party and some Independent Council members while he was signing the construction contract: “This is the construction contract of the Shopping and Living Centre Project of Fethiye after the tender, there is no going back. I hope it will be good for Fethiye. Of course, we welcome criticisms and we are ready to pay for all kinds of reactions. However, it should not be like Gima which was built under the Municipality building. I had observed everyone then. Those who objected were the first to participate. We will see the ones who protest the shopping centre project as well. They will be the first to apply for jobs at the living and shopping centre for their relatives and first to want to do shopping too. We hope we will see this as well. Of course, our friend Kerim from Eroğlu Holding has worked really hard to reach this point. Our solicitor friend Mehmet has given great support in the corporate aspect. We have come to this point after all the efforts. I hope this project will be good for Fethiye.”


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