Shopping Mall Brings Award to Fethiye

24th, 2014
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Arkitera Awards given traditionally by Arkitera Architecture Centre every year were presented in a ceremony this year as well. The award ceremony took place at İstanbul Four Seasons Bosphorus Hotel. The Municipality of Fethiye was given Jury Encouragement Award with the Shopping Mall project called Shopping and Living Centre at the category of public.

Fethiye Mayor Behçer Saatçi who received one of the most prestigious architecture awards in Turkey stated, “It is a pleasure for us to be awarded with our shopping mall by Istanbul, the victim of concretion and profiteering.”
Despite being protested by the congressmen of CHP (The Republican People’s Party) and AKP (The Justice and Development Party) during the construction process, the Shopping Mall Project supported by the people of Fethiye on polls as well was awarded by ARKIMEET, the most prestigious architecture centre of Turkey. Considering the public responsibilities of the architect and employer, this award has been given to honour the businessmen supporting good quality architectures since 2005. The Employer Award was given for the eighth time this year. The awards, presented in two categories including public and private sectors, were added a 3rd category: Jury Encouragement Award. Eroğlu Real Estate Development and Investment was given Jury Encouragement Award for ERASTA Shopping Mall at public category. Fethiye Mayor Behçet Saatçi, Eroğlu Holding Corporate Communication Executive Tuğba Saygıoğlu and Süleyman Akkaş the architect from SN Architecture received the award from the architect Dürrin Süer Kılıç. Mayor Saatçi said he received the award on behalf of the people of Fethiye and his colleagues: “I send my greetings from Fethiye, the tourism light of Western Mediterranean Region. I would like to thank the jury awarding the prize from a city being sacrificed to concrete and profiteering at a distance of 950 km away to Fethiye. Upon request of 85 % of the respectable people of Fethiye, we had carried out this project which started after the contest and we enjoyed doing this project. My friend Süleyman made it to the first four in architecture in Turkey. When we consider that only 4 of 1000 projects have been implemented, he seems very lucky. I appreciate both Eroğlu Holding and my friend Süleyman. I am proud to take this award on behalf of the respectable people of Fethiye and my colleagues.”


“It is a Pleasure for us that this project wins recognition from 950 km away

After the award ceremony in Istanbul, Behçet Saatçi had a meeting with press members. Mayor Saatçi gave information regarding Arkitera Architecture Centre at the press meeting: “It is a pleasure for us that our shopping mall project which we started upon requests of the people of Fethiye has won recognition from 950 km away by an independent architectural institution. Arkitera Architecture Centre is an independent architectural centre that carries out projects to implement good quality architectural projects and bring the architectural quality in Turkey to a higher level. Compared to the architecture centres sustaining activities with several funds and supported by governments and local administrations in many cities in the world, Arkitera Architecture Centre is a different and independent institution. All the activities of this centre are planned considering the requirements and opportunities of the architectural environment of Turkey. The Republic of Turkey Central Bank was awarded at our public category in 2012 as well.”


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