Staff without a Diploma not to be employed in Tourism!

10th, 2015
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In the event that the law draft that was prepared by TIYADER is accepted to increase quality in tourism, people without a diploma will not be employed in the sector. TIYADER Association stated that they were working on a new law draft and if this law is accepted, significant developments will be made for quality and profitability in tourism sector having an income of $34.3 billion in 2014 and having created job opportunities to 7.8 % (1 million 104 thousand people of Turkey) in 2015.

The law draft which was prepared for “The Project of Common Mind in Strategic Sector Tourism for 2023 Strategic Goals” supported by the Department of Associations Office as part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs suggests that no one without a diploma of a Tourism Vocational High School, Tourism College or Tourism Faculty will be able to work in touristic facilities anymore.


Quality to be improved in Tourism

Akman stated that no staff would be employed at touristic facilities unless they had a tourism diploma in the event that the new law was accepted: “Not only the youth will have a value with their diplomas for which they work very hard, but also the quality and profitability will increase.”


A new standard and control mechanism coming to 3 sectors!

Assistant Prof. Dr. Koray Akman reminded that there was an opportunity to get a certificate after completing a 3 month course to be able to work in this sector and complained about the shortage of qualified employees:

“For example, after tourism education in vocational high school, a student goes to a 2 years’ college or a faculty of 4 years, on the other hand, a person getting a certificate at the end of a course for 3 months look for a job in same conditions. It indicates that there is still no standard and control mechanism in tourism sector.”

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