Struggle for Life in a Tent

25th, 2016
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A person, 52, who lives in a tent in the middle of winter in Fethiye is supported only by his neighbours.

Mehmet Eser (52), the father of 3 children, is originally from Denizli and divorced 3 years ago. He has been smoking for a long time and lost both of his feet when an iron fell to his feet while he was working. Mehmet Eser, retired, had to use a wheelchair since he could not walk. Now, he is in a struggle for life in a tent which he rented in Kocaçalış Quarter in Fethiye.

Mehmet Eser spends his days in his cold tent as he does not have a close relative nearby. He had his tent covered by nylon with the help of his neighbours. His neighbours requested the support of the District Governor and Muğla Governor so that Mehmet Eser could be accepted to a nursing home or a men’s shelter to make his life easier.

Mehmet Eser explained his two feet had to be cut because of an iron having fallen on his feet, “I have 3 children. I divorced 3 years ago. I do not want to go to any of my relatives. Someone here helped me rent a tent on condition that I pay small amount of money. I was managing so far. When the waves hit, the water reaches here and becomes a problem. I do not have any heater. As you see, I have to live here until I die.” Mehmet Eser said he expected support from authorities to live in a nursing home or a men’s shelter.

Ahmet Sucu, the caretaker of the site at a distance of 3-4 km to his tent, said, “Mehmet does not have anyone to help here. He is devastated. We try to help him but we cannot do anything when there is heavy rain and big waves hit in cold weather. We expect the authorities to welcome and support him in a nursing home or a men’s shelter.”


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