Tandem Piloting as an Occupation

25th, 2016
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A meeting was held for carrying out Tandem Piloting Occupational Standards at Vocational Competency Moderator Office.


The meeting was held with the Protocol of the Cooperation for Determining Occupational Standards and development of Tandem Piloting. The Protocol has been signed between Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Professional Competency Board. The first steps have been taken to make the occupation of tandem pilots more professional. The issues which were discussed at the meeting were to make flights from Mount Babadağ safer and pilots to become more competent and professional. Eyyüp Onat, on behalf of Professional Competency Board, Füsun Şahin, General Secretary of Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ezgi Kullukçu, Legal Advisor of Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Celal Yıldız, President of Paragliding Pilots’ Cooperative, pilots Cemal Övet and Faruk Bozkurt and Zuhal Selçuk from Zeytin Group attended the meeting. Eyyüp Onat from Professional Competency Board stated: “We have been working on the occupational standards for tandem piloting for 2 days. It has been a good and efficient arrangement. Everyone in the group worked hard to find the best solutions and methods to make this occupation more effective. Our pilot friends had a significant role in making these arrangements better. We have reviewed and discussed important matters. The meeting went very well. However, there may be things that we have forgotten during this process. We will be glad if you show these points and share your suggestions when we announce the new standards. I do not think any change will be required. When we receive the opinions regarding the occupational standards for tandem pilots, they will be published on the official journal.   This is the first step to put licensing into force. The next step will be to prepare national rules. Then licensing process starts.”



Celal Yıldız, President of Pilots’ Cooperative, state that this new arrangement to make tandem flights safer and more legal was a must: “We have been suggesting these rules for years. Standards for tandem pilots have been required as well, because anyone having a certificate could come and fly here with current regulations. We always said these rules were not adequate. We expect pilots to consider these occupational standards and competency here. These are vital arrangements. We hope they will work.”



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