The Accident of the New Couple Recorded by Cameras

27th, 2013
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yeni evli ciftin yaralandigi kaza guvenlikThe motorcycle ridden by 25 year old Tahir Bilecan hit the car driven by 63 year old Mustafa Kalecik in Fethiye. The accident of Tahir Bilecen and his 30 year old wife Kadriye Bilecen who got married a week ago was recorded by security cameras. The motorbike with the license plate number 48 GR 195 ridden by Tahir Bilecen from Fethiye to Ölüdeniz hit the car with the license plate number 78 SB 095 driven by the retired policeman Mustafa Kalecik at about 11.00 at Taşyaka District Baha Şıkman Street from the front side. Tahir Bilecen and his wife Kadriye Bilecen that he was married a week ago flew from the motorbike with the impact of the accident and got injured. Tahir Bilecen was slightly injured since he was wearing a helmet while his wife Kadriye Bilecen who was not wearing a helmet got badly injured on her head and foot. Paramedics came to the scene as soon as they were reported the accident and responded to the injured. Suffering from pain during the emergency response, Tahir Bilecen asked for help of the others in the area as his father was consistently calling him by the mobile phone. The person who made the phone call gave information to the father of Tahir Bilecen about the accident and told him he should be gone to the hospital.
Tahir and Kadriye Bilecen were taken by the ambulance to the hospitals in Fethiye. It was announced that the health condition of the newly married couple was fine but there were fractures on the right foot of Kadriye Bilecen. Mustafa Kalecik who was not injured in the accident was taken to Günlükbaşı Police Station to give his statement.
The accident resulting in the injuring of the newly married couple was recorded by a security camera of an office in the neighbourhood. The recordings reveal that the motorbike approaching fast hits the car entering the street without control. The couple on the motorcycle flew to the road with the impact of the crash.

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