The Big Threat at Fethiye Gulf Being Removed

25th, 2013
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buA tender is to be made to drain the oil tank of the 120 m ship underwater, named ‘Casino Fiorita’ and sank in Fethiye 27 years ago. It is estimated that there are 5 tons of fuel-oil at the oil tank of the ship and it threatens the gulf for years.

Casino Fiorita sank, careened and shipwrecked while it was serving as a “floating hotel” in the waters of Aksazlar Bay of Fethiye Gulf. The pieces of the ship above water were removed with the arrangements started in 2004 and a tender is to be made in order to bring the oil tank underwater above the water by Fethiye Union of Village Delivery Service. The oil tank of nearly 5 tons of fuel-oil ship is to be drained with a tender to be made on May 30, 2013. After the tender starts at 10.30 a.m, the site delivery is to be carried out in 5 days. According to the specifications of the tender, the ship is to be delivered in 20 days for draining of the oil. After the sunken ship is drained, the last pieces of the ship are to be brought out and the biggest threat against Fethiye is to be removed.

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