The boats on the Ölüdeniz Coast will not be able to drainage their waste waters into the sea

29th, 2012
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 In order to prevent the water pollution in Ölüdeniz, a deep drainage unit has been installed. With the new system, about seventeen tour boats will be able to drainage their waste into this unit.
Since it has become a trade mark, the fight against sea pollution has been fruitful in Ölüdeniz. To prevent the sea pollution, a waste water drainage system has been installed on the Belcekız Beach. The system that can take waste water from five boats at the same time has cost about 50 thousand TLs and supported by the Union of Fethiye Tourism and Infrastructure Services (FETAB) and the Municipality of Ölüdeniz.
Osman Otgöz, the chief of FETAB who has given a speech in the opening said that they have made a project that ought to be done urgently come true. Otgöz who stated this facility is of a great importance to prevent the boats to drainage their waste waters into the sea and added as FETAB they supported the project the municipality of Fethiye had developed and they carried it out.

It is free for the boats to drainage their waste waters into the unit
The mayor of Ölüdeniz, Keramettin Yılmaz, reminding that Ölüdeniz is famous for its sea, thanked everyone who had contributed to the project to come true. He stated that they were very pleased as the project had come true as they had waited for it for so long. He went on his speech as follows: “For Ölüdeniz to remain clean, this project is of great importance. We have installed our facility. The waste water that is collected here is pumped into the waste water purification unit. All the boats in Ölüdeniz can drainage their waste waters into the unit which has five pumps. It is free to use it. Even the boats that are not anchored here will be able to use the facility. The utmost aim is to prevent the water pollution in Ölüdeniz. ”
In the explanation he has made, the chief of Fethiye Chamber of Shipping, Şaban Arıkan, told that “With the contributions of FETAB and the municipality of Ölüdeniz, the project has been completed in a very short while. Thanks to the facility, the waste water of the boats is stored. I hope the sea pollution will come to an end.”

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