The bread with less salt and more bran

16th, 2012
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Turkish Food Codex and Bread Types Notification that was published on the fourth of January brought many changes. Whole-wheat bread, the breads with bran and the breads of sourdough are going to be marketed at least 300 grams instead of 250 grams with at least 50 grams increase.
Change in the amount of salt and bran
The chief of Fethiye Chamber of Trade, Mehmet Soydemir, said that the maximum amount of the salt in various kinds of bread was 1.75 but now it is determined as 1.50. Up to now, a minimum limit for the bran has not existed but the ultimate limit was accepted as 1.0. According to the notification Turkish Food Codex announced, the bread is going to be baked with the flour number 650 as it is stated in the codex and with the flours that include more bran.
The bread goes into package
It was reported that all types of bread are going to be supplied in package even in their production places. A notice is going to be written on the etiquette if the traditional types of bread are produced without salt. If any additional ingredient is not added to the bread including the ones that come from flour, the notice additive-free can be used on the etiquette.
Close Supervision on its way
No company or shop apart from the ones that are accepted adequate to sell bread will be able to sell bread. The chief of Fethiye Trade Chamber, Mehmet Soydemir stated that “Close supervision is going to be applied. The institutions that produce food have to obey the general arbitraments of the notice. ”

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