“The British Mostly Prefer Small Payout Tickets in Lottery”

19th, 2012
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According to a scientific study on British tourists having vacation in Fethiye, more than half of the tourists visiting our region have been purchasing the imitation products of famous brands at countries that they visit.
Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University Tourism Administration and Hoteliers College Gastronomy and Kitchen Arts Department Assistant Professor Dr.Aydan Bekar and İçmeler Tourism Vocational High School Instructor Nermin Ayaz Olay have made a scientific study titled “Case Study: Buying Habits of Imitation Products for British Tourists: Fethiye Sample”. The study results were presented at the 13th International Tourism Congress in Antalya organized by the Mediterranean University Tourism Faculty.
The study indicates that imitation products trade booms due to globalization, brandization, development of manufacturing technology, high profitability, low risk and not being punished and tourists are a significant part of the consumer group preferring imitation products.
The report also indicates that stores of imitation products and market stalls increase with the beginning of touristic activities in Fethiye and according to the examination of recession times that tourism activities stop, target group of imitation products sellers is mostly foreign tourists.
The study done on 109 British tourists accommodating in Fethiye for vacation reveals that the price is an important factor to purchase imitation products, more than half of the tourists buying imitation products think imitation products trade makes contribution to the economy of Turkey, they approve the merchandising of imitation products and are satisfied with the quality of imitation products.
The report points out that purchase and use of brand name products are an indication of status for some consumers, therefore, foreign tourists purchase famous products such as Gucci leather jacket, Chanel perfume, Hublot watch, Adidas sports shoes, Louise Vitton bags and purses, however there is a big possibility that the brands of these products are imitation products. The report maintains imitating brand name products have become more common due to the brand loyalty, low price of imitation products, low incomes of consumers and lack of customer awareness.
The study indicates that 53.2 % of British tourists taking part in the study tend to purchase imitation products at other countries they visit, British tourists usually buy imitation products in Egypt, England, Spain and Greece the most and Dubai, Bulgaria, the USA, Czech Republic, Morocco, France, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, Thailand and Tunisia come next.
37.6% of British tourists taking part in the research show the reason to purchase imitation products as the reasonable prices, the similarity to genuine products for 23.9% of tourists, both reasonable price and similarity to genuine products for 38.5 % of tourists. 66.1% of English tourists purchase imitation products from village markets, 21.1 % purchase them from stores and 12.8 % purchase them from stands.
45,8 % of British tourists are undecided about whether they have been satisfied with their shopping in Turkey while 42.2% say they have been satisfied with their shopping and 59.6% think imitation products trade make contribution to Turkey economy. Almost half of the tourists joined in the research prefer imitation products of Aber Crombie, Louise Vitton, Gucci, Armani, Ralph Lauren and have been satisfied with the shopping experience in Turkey, more than half of these tourists think they give great contribution to the economy in Turkey, approve the imitation products trade and love the quality of imitation products.

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