The British Mostly Prefer Small Payout Tickets

19th, 2012
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Lottery tickets have started to be sold and according to an explanation the British citizens living in Fethiye mostly prefer small payout tickets, which are the quarter tickets in Turkish Lottery. 25 year National Lottery Dealer Nazmi Kocatepe explained, “The sale of New Year’s tickets has been increasing day by day. Small payout tickets are mostly preferred by the British tourists living in Fethiye.”
The sale of National Lottery tickets which will give the biggest prize 45 million TL this year in history for the first time attracts great attention in Fethiye as in the entire country. British citizens living in Fethiye buy lottery tickets with the hope of winning the first prize. Lottery tickets seller Nazmi Kocatepe explained, “The lottery prize for New Year is 45 million TL…The total prize of the National Lottery is 242 million TL. More tickets are being sold in Fethiye every day. You may even not find a ticket within the next weeks if it goes on like this. Full ticket is 40 TL, half ticket is 20 TL and quarter ticket is 10 TL.” Nazmi Kocatepe went on to explain that, “There are many people who have tickets to have won prizes last year. These people should deliver their tickets to sellers as soon as possible. There are many tickets like this. They must bring their tickets until the end of the year; otherwise the prizes go to the treasury. 2 million TL in 2012 and 8 trillion which is 8 million TL with the new Turkish lira have gone to the tickets that I have sold”, said Kocatepe and added, “I hope we will give the first prize this year as well. I must warn citizens that they should not buy tickets from the people they don’t know.” (FG)

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