The Britishwoman, Lover of Children, Dies

21st, 2014
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Şeker_Nine_Vesiyeti_Üzerine_Ovacıkta_Toprağa_verildi_103_1197x800The BritishJoyce McDonalt, aged 71, the mother of 4 children who used to be called “Sweet Grandma” by the children in her neighbourhood in Ölüdeniz since she always used to give candies to children and was loved by the children in the neighbourhood where she started living 11 years ago, lost her life in Ovacık.

By her will, the British Joyce McDonalt was buried in Ovacık Çatallar Cemetery in Ölüdeniz District. Joyce McDonalt had worked as a local administrator for a long time in England and first visited Turkey 16 years ago when she retired. Then she decided to live in Turkey 11 years ago as she loved Turkey very much. 71 year old Joyce McDonalt, who had 4 children 9 grandchildren and 3 grand grandchildren, was having a treatment for a couple of years. She died on June 21, 2014 and was buried at the foreign section of Ovacık Çatallar Cemetery by his will. She was loved by her neighbours very much and called “Sweet Grandma” by children and neighbours because she always used to give candies to children. Her family, neighbours, Turkish and foreign friends attended her funeral ceremony at the cemetery. Her family and friends could not stop crying at the funeral and some of her family members hardly stood up during the ceremony.

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