The first fast of Ramadan, July the 20th

16th, 2012
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The Sultan of eleven months, as Turkish has, Ramadan starts on the twentieth of July. This year the Ramadan Feast starts on the nineteenth of August, Sunday. According to the information we get from the Office of Mufti,-the official religious authority in charge of Islamic affairs for a province or district in Turkey- the month of Ramadan starts on Friday, the twentieth of July, 2012. The fast ends at 8.30 p.m. on that day. Ramadan is a sacred month for Muslims. The sun of Islam, Prophet Muhammad, was born in this month and the holy book of Islam, the Qur’an started to be sent in this same month. Laylat al-Qadr, the night of power, which is considered to be more favourable than a thousand months, is in this month. Muslims fast in this month to clean their soul from sinful ideas and their body from sinful acts. Throughout Ramadan, while the night azan- the call for prayer- is going to be read at its routine time, the morning azan is going to be read depending on the beginning of the fast, imsak. As very early in the morning the fast starts, Muslims stop eating and drinking. The month of Ramadan covers the night, Qur’an started to be sent and opens the doors of purification with fasting. The eve of Ramadan feast is on Saturday the eighteenth of 2012 and the Ramadan Feast, itself, starts on the following day. On the Ramadan eve, the fasting ends at 20.01 p.m. In Fethiye and its villages, the Bayram prayers are going to be done at 7.04. On the other hand, the amounts of alms are going to be announced by the directorate of Religious affairs.
Fasting has various benefits. The one who fasts avoids the extreme wishes and desires of his/her flesh. Prophet Muhammad said that fasting is half of patience. The stomach that functions all the other months and gets worn-out has an opportunity to have a rest through fast. Fasting improves the morals of the society. The rich understand the state of the poor through the fast. In this way, helping one another, kindness and mercy among the members of the society develops. As it is a divine order, the one who does the permissible behaviours cannot approach the forbidden things.

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