The First Music Village of Turkey Founded in Fethiye

14th, 2015
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‘The Village of Music’ has been opened in adobe houses in Yanıklar Village in Fethiye.

Yanıklar Village, situated in an area near the most beautiful islands and beaches of the Mediterranean, is described as a paradise corner with forests covered with sweet gum and pine trees, tranquil streams flowing through the woods, orange and tangerine trees. The village has become a centre for music lovers and welcomes musicians of several folk instruments as a village of music. The music village which has been opened quietly attracts great attention on the internet; especially young musicians attending music schools come to this village of music to learn more from the music masters. A group of nice people decided to open this village of music thinking the music and nature cannot be separable and encountered a great enthusiasm when they started this project. Musical instrument lessons, movie screenings, musical stories, visits to the villages of local musicians, workshops, interviews, discussions, sound painting in elementary level and village concerts are organized with weekly programs going on for 5 nights and 6 days. A concert by the stream accompanied by the sounds of water near the village of music and Kopuz concert organized on Mount Babadağ are some of the examples of musical events.



The first music village project of Turkey, which has been organized by the members of the Research Group of Anatolian Cultures (AKAT), is planned to provide education mostly for traditional folk music for the first year. Music lessons are carried out with master musicians, local singers and music teachers from young generation. The first music village of Turkey has been founded with the thought “Music is universal. All music genres matter. It is not right to make discrimination.” Sonja Siegerd from Vienna attends the music lessons with her end-blown flute and Glland Weiss from Israel learn new music and instruments. Whether you come to the village of music with or without an instrument of western music, they provide you instruments. There is no obligation to be able to play a musical instrument in order to attend events and lessons either. Those who do not have an instrument do not need to bother because there is sufficient number of musical instruments here. As well as the lessons for musical instruments under plane trees, information is given about folk dances, music culture and history and music from all over Turkey is introduced. Merih Aşkın, Ali Ulutaş, Adem Tosunoğlu, İsmail Çakır, Gülay Diri, Uğur nür, Mehmet Ali Kayabaş, Selami Çiftçi Kaval have conversations related to folk music instruments, tradition of playing folk music and Yoruk culture. Growing number of people meet in the greenness of the music village to learn more about traditional music and sing folk songs.



The coordinator of the project for the village of music is Aytaç Gökdağ, general art directors are Mehmet Günay Eser, Emre Dayıoğlu, Turna Ezgi Toros, workshop directors are Şahin Yaldız and Eren Şahin, the director of photography is Levent Sarı. The project directors, the members of the research group for Anatolian cultures, offer breakfast in the morning and organic vegetables grown in the village for dinner to their guests.



Aytaç Gökdağ, the project coordinator, said it is the first music village in Turkey, “It was our dream for 10-12 years. We have come together as a nice group and formed the Research Group of Anatolian Cultures first. This group has started the project for the first music village of Turkey in Yanıklar Village on August 25 and 30.”

Aytaç says there are about 60 guests from all over Turkey, “We have several guests from the Netherlands, England, Austria, Sweden and even from Israel. We would like to bring masters whom we had met at several occasions and who lives in the villages and music lovers together but we also would like to make professional musicians a part of our workshops.” Gökdağ added, “We wanted to create an atmosphere where people can relax in the middle of the chaos of our country. Our project is independent this year.”

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