The Future of Foça and Çalış Discussed

3rd, 2014
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foça mahallesi toplantı

A meeting was held in Foça District with the demands of the authorities in Foça.  Deputy Mayor Metin Talaş, Çalış-Der Association President Mete Ay, Foça District Culture, Solidarity, Education and Youth Association President Selim Günday, The Search and Rescue Association (AKUT)Fethiye Representative Ersin Gür, Fethiye Chamber of Commerce Council Member Tayfun Budak, Erkan Vişne, Vural Günay, Ahmet Selim Yücel; Hasan Dönmez, Taner Boz, Şükrü Budak, Sedar Saltuk, Haydar Murat Topçu, Mustafa Talaş, Serkan Talaş, Ahmet Eraslan, Hasan Şimşek, Cenk Şimşek, Cem Şimşek attended the meeting. The future of Foça and Çalış Districts were discussed in the meeting which went in a very friendly atmosphere. The issues discussed in the meeting were making the youth break the bad habits, things to do for maintaining the peace and order in the district, the Mosque-Djemevi project and investments and contributions made in Foça District and Çalış Beach especially within the last 5 years. It was stated that due to the demands of residents in the district and because of the fact that it is a tourism area, adding a church to the Mosque and Djemevi project would make the place a tolerance centre and bring great contributions. It was maintained that the facility of beach sports was a great income for Çalış Beach and the investments including infrastructure, roads, pavements and parks made by the Municipality on the area brought positive impact on tourism and social life. The authorities attending the meeting agreed that they would work together, continue their shares for the future of Foça and Çalış and this kind of meetings should be held biweekly. 

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