The Invention of the Inventor

11th, 2012
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Deniz Dargın, a grade school student invented a Fertilizer Machine saying his father was tired of doing the job manually. Deniz represented Muğla in TÜBİTAK’s “Time to Think” project competition held in Ankara on May 25-26 and ranked in the first place. According to thte information provided by Dargın on his Chopper Design Product, their Technology and Design teacher asked them a question: What are the problems you intend to improve or change, when you take your life into account? When I set out on this question, the living conditions of people around me immediately came to my mind. In this region, people are either farming families, or dealing with livestock. I thought about my father’s problem working at the farm. My dear father sack in one hand, saddle bags on his shoulder, fertilizing with one hand, and trying to throw the seed with the other. When he is finished, his hands got very sore and he was very tired. Most of the farmers we know do not have tractors. You have to do it manually, or pay a lot of money to tractor owners to get the job done. So, I decided to design a machine which can both fertilize and seed. This machine can be used for anything you want to spread on soil or any other ground. You place the machine on your back, and then you either put fertilizer or seeds in it. When it is started the content starts to spread from the chamber. During the design project, both my firends and teachers were very helpful. When you create, invent something, you feel very happy and your self confidence is improved.

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