The Most Expensive Passport of the World is in Turkey

4th, 2015
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According to a research of a Data Analysis Company, the most expensive passport in the world is $251 and it is the Turkish passport.

Statista research indicates that a person working with a minimum wage in Turkey must work for 95 hours to get a passport valid for 10 years. BBC Turkish News reports Australia ranks second with $206 and Switzerland comes third with $159 on the list of the most expensive passports in the world.

The country where the people working with minimum wage must work most is Mexico and they have to work for 266 hours to get a passport valid for 10 years. Mexican people may only be able to collect the passport fee in 33 days with their minimum wage. The passport fee is $155 in Mexico.

The cost of a passport book in Turkey is 82, 50 TL. The more the expiry date of a passport is extended, the more the cost increases. For a passport valid for 10 years, 587,50 TL must be paid with the cost of the notebook. On February 1, the exchange rate of dollar/TL was 2.40 so it has caused the passport fee to have increased. If it was calculated based on the last exchange rate of Dollar/TL, which was 2.84, the passport fee would be $206 as in Australia. 10 countries using the most expensive passports in the world:


  1. Turkey
  2. Austria
  3. Switzerland
  4. Mexico
  5. USA
  6. Italy
  7. Canada
  8. Japan
  9. New Zeeland
  10. UK


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