The nightmare of the tourists, beggars, out of the town

16th, 2012
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With the beginning of the tourism season, fifty people, who have come from various nearby towns and are detected while they are begging from the Turkish and foreign tourists have been taken out with the collective operation of the police and the city police. An operation was performed by the police and the Fethiye municipal police force to the citizens who set up tents in the Dereiçi part of Çatalarık District and used to beg throughout the town. With the start of the tourism season, the beggars who come from nearby towns and settle down in the unoccupied lands of the slums were found one by one in the sudden raids. The tents were removed by the municipal police forces and fifty people were put on six separate minibuses with their stuffs. The beggars were left outside of the town.
Many complaints come from the tourists
The chief of Municipal Police Force, Halime Ok, told that the operation started with the information that a crowded group of beggars had arrived and stated that “We had many complaints from the foreign tourists in particular. We are very sorry to see that most of the beggars are composed of families with children. These people have come to Fethiye from the nearby towns and beg as a job. We request from our citizens not lend credence to these people who exploits the moral feelings of them by using their children. We decided to take these people out of the town and operated. ”

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