The Race of Muğla Bee Protected with Breeding Project

7th, 2013
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ari2The arrangements were started to protect the title of Muğla honeydew honey which is shown one of the significant production centres of the world. Bees are protected against American foul brood disease with a project whose substructure works were completed 2 years ago. For the project, male bees are chosen for breeding from the farmers who have not got a queen bee or a bee colony or taken their bees around at least for 10 years. The sperms of male bees for breeding which were checked by experts and put in the cages are taken by an operation.


Sperms collected in tubes by biologists and vets are transferred to queen bees with another operation. Queen bee which is endemic in Muğla Region and made stronger is produced with this method. Bees given different colourful numbers every year are transferred to the sample hives and colonies without diseases are produced this way. Bees without disease and whose species are not spoilt are to be distributed to the farmers in the region in 2014. Prof. Dr. Aykut Gence from METU and the Assistant Prof. Dr. Devrim Oskay from NamıkKemalUniversity carry out the project with Muğla Beekeepers Union. Even though the total cost is 450 thousand TL, the association tries to carry out the project with 104 thousand TL budget allocated by TAGEM.



Veterinarian Sezai Hekimoğlu who puts the project into practice said this project was going to rescue the beekeeping in Turkey. Sezai Hekimoğlu reminded the mass bee deaths worldwide in 2005 and explained the main reason of this was the spoils in species and biological pollution. Reclaiming the regional species and protecting the bees against American foul brood had the utmost importance according to Sezai Hekimoğlu and he said, “Queen Bees are to be produced for breeding from strong lines with this project. These queen bees which have been made stronger will be given to our beekeepers. The beekeepers will be able to produce their own bees from these bees. Our country will gain great contributions from this project. Beekeepers in Muğla pay 600 thousand TL in a year against American foul brood and other diseases. This money will remain to the beekeepers from now on. Antibiotics used against diseases leave residuals in honey. This residual risk will be prevented as well. Our bees will be healthier and stronger against diseases and honey production will increase. Before the bee species available for honeydew honey become out of extinct in Muğla beekeeping, it will be protected for many years with our own efforts.”


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