The twins get married

29th, 2012
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The wedding of the twins attracted great attention. The twin brother told that they saw the twin sisters in the market five years ago and waited them to grow up. The twin sons of Ramazan Çınar from the village of Çayköy, Kaş; the shop owner Recep Çınar(28) and the mechanic Halil Çınar(28) married to the twin daughters of Enver Oran; Elvan Oran(22) and Emel Oran from the town of Karadere, Fethiye, in the wedding part that was organized in the garden of Karadere Primary School. To the wedding of Recep-Emel and Halil-Elvan couples about four thousand people attended including the mayor of Karadere village, Yakup Otgöz.
The twin grooms stated that they waited so long for that moment and continued “Although it is once in a million, we waited for this. We saw them five years ago in the market and waited them to grow up.” while the grooms stated “we wanted to get married to twin brothers. We did not have any hope thus we are surprised and very happy as it came true.”
One of the twin grooms, Recep Çınar told that “Thanks to one of our relatives, we saw them in the market in Kınık. It was five years ago. They were very young then. We waited them to grow up. It is an arranged married. We have been engaged for two years. Today we are very happy.”
Halil Çınar said “we are going to be relatives with my brother in another way. I fell in love when I saw her in the market. We can distinguish them very well. Others can be confused at the first sight but we know them very well.”
The father of the twin grooms, Ramazan Çınar commented that “I wanted my twin sons to get married to twin daughters. Finally it came true. In such a marriage that can take place so rarely in the world I am very happy. I am sometimes mistaken to recognize my daughter-in-laws and confused about their names. I have asked my sons. They say they distinguish the twins even when they are turning their back. ”

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