Their ashes merge

29th, 2012
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After their decease in England, the ashes of the couple that had lived in Ölüdeniz for long years were brought and sprinkled on the 1500 metres high mountain Mendos where they had picnics and loved so much.
The retired region chief of Dail Mail Newspaper, Christopher Robert Johstone(72) liked the town of Ölüdeniz, Fethiye. Johnstone had built a house and started to live in Fethiye with his wife. They also worked for the charity organizations in Fethiye as volunteers. Patricia Path got ill suddenly three years ago. Although she had treatment in Turkey and England, she passed away in England. According to their belief, her body was buried and her ashes were brought to Fethiye and sprinkled on the mountain Mendos where they liked and had picnics.
In a few months after her wife’s death, Turkey lover Christopher Robert Johnstone fell ill because of his sorrow for his wife. The doctors diagnosed cancer so he sold his villa and bought a small house. Johnstone had medical treatment in Turkey and went on a Austarlia, Honkong and Dubai tour. While he was having his holiday he saw various doctors and came back to Turkey. While he was having holiday in Ölüdeniz last summer in July, he was hospitalized for a short while. As he had difficulty in respiration, he consulted his doctor in England and went to England in a private plane on 27 July, 2012. On his arrival to his country he passed away on the 29th July, 2012.
His ashes were sprinkled to the same place with his wife’s
He requested his relatives after his death his ashes were sprinkled to the same place where his wife’s ashes were sprinkled. His sister Mary Mackenzie and his brother Tony Johnstone and their close friend Sally Chin from Fethiye brought his ashes which were placed in a special box to Ölüdeniz.
Their English and Turkish friends and neighbours climbed to the top of 1500-metre- high mountain Mendos which is side by side with Babadağ Mountain. Surrounded by the smell of juniper trees, about fifty people came together that went to the top of mountain Mendos by cars and minibuses. The special box was opened and the ashes of Christopher Robert Johnstone were thrown into the air over the plain where the ashes of Patricia Path were thrown by his sister, brother and his friend Sally Chin.

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