They Turn the Town Almost into a Molehill

27th, 2012
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Historical artefacts in Seki District are almost being plundered by treasure hunters. The areas where the historical excavations are carried out in the district have almost turned into a molehill due to illegal excavations. While the threats are increasing day by day, a woman fighter figure carved into a rock belonging to the 2nd century B.C. and revealing the history of the district has been cut and stolen on the ground of marble search. All the newly discovered historical artefacts revealing the past of Seki District which is 70 km far from Fethiye are under the threat of treasure hunters. All sides of Seki District whose population reaches 5000 people in summer months and decreases in winter due to heavy snow are being dug by treasure hunters. Illegal excavations are mostly carried out around the historical figures carved on the rocks and having 2000 year past. Believing these historical artefacts indicate a tomb at the area, the treasure hunters destroy all the historical artefacts with the tombs that they can find here as well. Security forces stationed at the border between Muğla and Antalya are having difficulty in struggling with treasure hunters using the latest technologies.
The woman fighter figure with 1,5 m length and 2 m wide carved on a rock block and stolen from the south hill of Eceler Area of Seki District reveal what the district has lost during this plunder. Supposedly, unknown people who came to the district with the excuse of marble search cut the 50 tons of rock having 2 thousand year old carving and smashed it into pieces. Plunderers only targeting the woman fighter figure cut the ring shaped carving just in the middle. The rock block was removed from the hill in pieces and the supposedly marble search was finished. The woman figure removed from the rock block was lost and the people who took the historical artefact could not have been found.
Seki Mayor VeliYıldız who made observations at this area said the historical artefacts were plundered by treasure hunters. Yıldız maintained history had been destroyed more day by day and stated, “There was a big woman sculpture on this rock at Eceler Area. However, this sculpture was cut and taken from here. We don’t know what purpose it was done for exactly but I think it was done with the excuse of marble search.”
VeliYıldızsaid the district had a rich historical legacy and added “Professors from the USA, Italy, Finland and Denmark come to our district and do researches every year. Oinoanda Ruins abandoned thousands of years ago have “Diogenes Inscriptions” which is accepted the biggest inscription of antique era in the world. This inscription had narrated how the social life should be arranged thousands of years ago and the origins of today’s social life are based on this inscription. On the other hand, permission for excavation is expected from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism for two different mounds with the size of thousands of metres within our borders. Due to the existence of this historical substructure in our district, treasure hunters carry out most of their activities here. The historical areas should be determined and taken under protection in the district as soon as possible.”
Veterinary Surgeon Yusuf Dur explained he examined the historical artefacts in the district as a hobby and said, “We had an unspoilt history in our town. We want the ministry to pay attention to this district. As long as the historical artefacts are not revealed, they are doomed to be destroyed slowly. We see treasure hunters dig everywhere. They need to be stopped. Otherwise, it will be impossible to talk about a historical artefact in this district.”

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