Tons of Mud Taken out of the Harbour

4th, 2016
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Fethiye Harbour filled with sands and mud being brought by the channel of State Hydraulic Works is being cleaned up.

Gulf Fethiye has filled up with muds and alluvial deposits. Cleaning activity has been carried out with the cooperation of the State Hydraulic Works and Municipality of Fethiye for almost 2 years. During this process, tons of muds are disposed on the coast road. As these muds formed islets around the harbour spreading terrible smells in the neighbourhood, Municipality of Fethiye took the complaints into consideration and started a cleaning campaign before tourism season. The cleaning activity has taken place near Uğur Mumcu Park for almost a week. The cleaning works started from the place where the channel, 50-60 m long, flows into the sea. An area of almost 20 m will be cleaned this way. It is reported that the gulf would look nicer when all the dirt and mud being brought by the channel is cleaned. People of Fethiye also show great enthusiasm to the cleaning activities. Citizens said the cleaning activity at Fethiye Harbour and Gulf should be more extensive: “This activity only includes cleaning the alluvial deposits and muds piled up in the mouth of the channel. Sands and muds being brought by the channels of State Hydraulic Works have filled up the harbour entirely. A plan and project is required for an extensive cleaning activity in Fethiye Harbour.”

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