Tourism Administrators React in Ölüdeniz

25th, 2013
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buTourism administrators protested the buffet and platforms opened on Belcekiz Beach in Ölüdeniz District and maintained no place was left for parachuters to land in the beach from Babadağ. Tourists coming to Ölüdeniz for vacation said cleaning standards made standards get lower every single day and asked for solutions. Buffets and platforms made by Melsa Hand-Made Arts Company which is a beach administration company as part of Muğla Provincial Special Administration have drawn reactions on world famous Belcekiz Beachwith its fine sand and turquoise blue sea. Hotel, café, bar administrators, parachute company directors and tourists gathered to protest against the buffets and platforms and asked the cleaning standards of the beach to be raised. Tourism administrators maintained that there was no protection against the pollution coming from the waters of the sea and the cigarette butts were not cleaned, yet, the administrating company built buffets on 3 giant platforms 30 m to the sea. Tourism administrators added engineering vehicles entering the beach during the buffet construction drew tourists away by horning and none of these things were good for Belcekiz Beach whose postcards embellished the entire world.
The British couple Stephen and Gaynor Budd said they came to Ölüdeniz for 9 years for holiday and standards of Belcekiz Beach were getting lower every year. The couple also said the sunbed prices were very high so tourists did not come to the beach anymore.
Hotel manager and Fethiye Union of Tourism Substructure Service Administrative Board President Günsenin Günel noted Belcekız Beach was occupied by unnecessary buffets, toilets and platforms and parachuters could not find a place to land in the beach from Babadağ. Günel explained the administrative company had built platforms on the beach instead of cleaning and fulfilling the needs of the beach and said, “We have arranged our places for the new season with great care. However, when we saw the beach one morning, we saw platforms and buffets. Beside the several constructions planned to be built underground, these buffets have completely occupied the areas where parachuters land in. The sea is dirty and the beach is neglected at the beginning of the season. Tourists come to us to complain. The sunbed prices are very high. 2 people have to pay 21 TL to sunbathe on the beach. Tourists are almost being kicked out of the beach. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism should take control of the situation. Ölüdeniz should not be talked with the dirty sea and neglected beach.”
Tourism administrator Kadri Tuğlu and Selahattin Yılmaz stated the beach was not administrated as it deserved and said, “We have gathered here to bring the misapplications on the beach today. As the tourism administrators of Ölüdeniz, we think these platforms should not be here. The beach is way too far from the place it deserves. These mistakes should be corrected as soon as possible.”

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