Tourists test freezing water at 40 °C weather

12th, 2012
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The tourists that join jeep safari tours to get cool in the parching weather have water fights along their ways. The tourists that go under the waterfalls on their ways compete to have free food and drink in the ice cool water. As the weather is very close to 40 C degrees, the tourists apply to different methods to get cool. The tourists that have their water guns with them and fill them up from the buckets and jerrycans have water fights along their ways. Moreover, cool surprises wait for the tourists on their ways. The adventuresome tourists that set off from Fethiye in safari jeeps reach the Hidden Gorge (Saklıkent Canyon) after a half-an-hour drive. After the short tour they have there, they visit Tloss Antique Site and Yakapark.

Race against the time in the freezing water

The tourists that have a break under the populous trees in Yakapark, have competitions to stay in the cold water pool. The tourists that can stay in the water for five minutes have a free drink whereas the ones that can stay for fifteen minutes have a free meal. The ones that want to enter the pool to have an award change their minds as soon as they put their foot into the water and get out of the pool screaming. A staff member check how long the tourists stay in the water by keeping time, the ones that can stay long enough in the water are given their awards as soon as they get out of the pool.

No limits in the water fights

After the break, as soon as the tourists get on the jeeps, the water fight starts again. The tourists that have a lot of water in the buckets and bottles do as much as they can to make each other wet. The organisers of the tour do not neglect to contribute to this wet fun. The drivers of the jeeps drive under the artificial waterfalls by the roads. The tourists that can escape dry from the water fights have no other choice than getting soaking wet under the waterfalls. The jeeps that go under the waterfalls in screams go on their ways.


The manager of Yakapark, Neşat Tüzel, told that cold water is a part of the fun in jeep safari tours. He told that the competition to stay in the cold water is very popular among tourists and added that “The one who can stay five minutes in the cold water has a free drink and the one who can stay for fifteen minutes has a free meal. Generally no one can stay longer than five minutes. Many tourists get out of the pool as soon as they touch the water. However, there have been some tourists who can stay about three hours. Anyhow, there is not a better way of getting cool apart from getting into the water.”



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