Tracking Chip For Dogs

29th, 2011
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The Ortaca Municipality and Friends of Animals Association implant tracking chips to owned dogs. Through this application, owners of the abandoned pets will be fined and the population of stray dogs on the streets will be reduced.
After the release of the “Law to Protect Animals” in 2004, HAYTAP (Federation of Animal Rights) started the operation of implanting chips to pets against the risk of abandoning dogs by their owners.
Nesrin Çıtırık Vice President of HAYTAP stated that especially in recreational sites people buy pets and then abandon them after a few months.
Nesrin Çıtırık visited the animal shelters in Muğla together with Türkan Dağdelen, Head of Friends of Animals Association Ortaca Branch and she said that animals suffer of being abandoned and besides, it is the source of stray animal problem. She added that with the law of 2004, pets that are adopted by people must be registered. People should neuter, spay and have their pets vaccinated. They should register them in their municipality. By doing so, they will be unable to abandon their pets. Here the main task falls to municipalities. The municipalities have the right fine dog owners who did not register their pets. There are big penalties abroad for those who leave their pets. It should be the same here. We ask the municipalities to fine people who abandon their pets.
Pets Will Be Registered At Municipalities
Çıtırık said that they visited every municipality in Muğla and asked them to put the registration system to practice. “Ortaca and Armutalan are the first municipalities to act. They will be in dialog with muhktars and building complex managers. Pets will be regstered as soon as they show up with their owners. They will prepare a database on this issue. Pet owners will pay an amount of fee for registration process. Then, a chip wil be implanted into their pets.”
Do Not Buy Pets From Pet Shops
Çıtırık warned people against buying pets from petshops. “Instead of contributing to a bloody business, adopt an abandoned animal from the streets or from a shelter. Each pet abandoned results in increase of stray population..”
Türkan Dağdelen, Head of Friends of Animals Association Ortaca Branch said this is already a very belated application. “We do not have stray problem. We have unfortunately owned stray problem. We started the implantation of chips in Ortaca as a pilot region. Pet owners will come with their ID numbers and register their dogs. When they leave their pet one day, they will not be able to say this dog is not mine. They will not be able to breed them as they wish, and sell their puppies here and there.”

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