Traditions Carry on in Ölüdeniz with Horse Weddings Wedding with Horses in Fethiye

25th, 2013
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buOld traditions are being sustained at the weddings in Fethiye. Couples, most of whom are the British, prefer horse to cars as a bridal car while they are getting married in Ölüdeniz. The bride gets on the horse and is taken around the streets of Ölüdeniz with a flourish of trumpets. Old weddings are being sustained with developing technologies in Fethiye. Even if couples have fun in a modern way, some traditions carry on. Some of these traditions include taking the bride from home and giving local cuisines as wedding dinner. Some wedding owners who would like to bring renovation to weddings in order to sustain traditions mostly carry out the old traditions. Ümit and Rabia who got married in Ölüdeniz welcoming thousands of tourists every year preferred to use a horse instead of a bridal car at their wedding. The bride was taken on the horse with prayers after being taken from home. The bride rode the horse to the astonishment of domestic and foreign tourists nearby and travelled around the streets of Ölüdeniz with the flourish of trumpets and the groom in front. The groom Ümit Cengil said they were very happy and preferred this kind of wedding to sustain old traditions. Cengil added carrying the bride on horse was very different and said, “There is a change in Fethiye. I am taking the bride on horse at the streets of Ölüdeniz. We are very happy.”


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