Traffic accident in the jeep safari tour; 13 people are injured

12th, 2012
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A jeep, carrying the tourists that joined a jeep safari tour, went off the road and crashed into a utility pole. It is reported that the accident took place in Süleyman Demirel Avenue, Zincirlikavak, at 19.45. The jeep with the plate number 48 GC 203 went off the road as another car with an unknown plate number came very close to it. The jeep that drove onto the refuge speedily, crashed into the utility pole and toppled. As a result of the accident, the driver Soner Üçpınar and twelve tourists in the jeep were scattered all over the road. The utility pole fell over a bakery by the road, but fortunately no one was injured in the bakery. On the road that was closed to traffic after the accident, there was a terrible scene. Many ambulances were transferred to the scene and many people in the neighbourhood helped the tourists.

The first aid treatment was done by the emergency teams that came to the scene. The tourists were taken to the ambulances and transferred to the hospitals in Fethiye. The police officers took security measures on the accident scene. An incident investigation was started for the car that caused the accident and drove away from the scene.

It was noted that the tourists that were taken to the hospitals were not in a vital danger. After the car wreck was removed from the road that had been closed to traffic after the accident, the road was cleared and opened to traffic again. The names of the English tourists that were injured in the accident are Ryan Janes (39), Dawn Janes (39), Harrison Janes (12), Mattemew Charrill (38), Mason Cherrill (10), Jolie ann Whitaker (55), Manita Burgin (37), Paul Whitaker (56), Lyadson Holt (39), Jack Holt (11), Cristoher Aitchanson (37), Georgina Aitchanson (6)

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