Travels The World By Bicycle

6th, 2012
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US citizen Ron Mcgarrity is traveling the world for thirteen years, and his last stop was Marmaris.

In 1999, Mcgarrity started his journey leaving his hometown, his job and family behind. In Marmaris, he visited Marmaris Deputy Mayor Arzu Girginç and said he fell in love with the natural beauty of Marmaris.

When he was 46, Mcgarrity left his own country an family to embark on this adventure, and he has been pedalling for 13 years.  He said he was welcomed with sympathy in every country he had stopped by. He has visited 52 countries upto date.

He named his journey “humanity and peace” and has pedalled thousands of kilometers for peace on earth. On his visit to Marmaris Deputy Mayor Arzu Girginç, he said he fell in love with Marmaris. He provided information about the purpose of his bike tour, and his previous stop was Geneva. Wherever he ges, he introduces himself to authorities, and his needs are supplied by sponsors. When asked the time his bicycle tour would be completed, he said “when my life is over.”

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