Turkey’s animal-free circus begins performances in huge tent

3rd, 2014
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Turkey’s first animal-free circus, Türkiye Sirki (Circus Turkey), has started giving performances in a huge tent with a 3,000-seat capacity.
The circus, which previously staged performances at indoor venues, presented its show “Komedya” (Commedia) on Nov. 22 in the Marmara district of Adapazarı, receiving positive reactions from animal lovers. With a crew of magicians, clowns, acrobats and gymnasts, the circus will continue to perform in the district until Dec. 1.
The circus’ message is that “we are the friends of every living being; we are not pleased seeing animals on stages; we are content seeing them in their natural living environments.”
The general art director of Türkiye Sirki, Ulaş Cankurt, cited a range of reasons, from bad conditions on long journeys to malnutrition, why his group does not want to see animals in circuses. The general manager, Melike Bulu Cankurt, called on other circuses to abandon the tradition of using animals in their shows.
For more information and show dates, go to www.facebook.com/turkiyesirki.


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