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17th, 2011
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Anisa khansia and mehmet baki sakaroğlu from gaziantep married in marmaris, muğla and their fight for their son  had been widespread in uk magazine “take a break.”

While on holiday in marmaris, english citizen anisa khansia fell in love with turkish mehmet baki sakaroğlu who has been working as a waiter at a restaurant and they were married 3 years ago in turkey. In time, they busted up. Anisa went back to her homeland to find out that she was pregnant and the couple made it up. They lived together for a while but they broke up again, and khansia did not allow her son go to turkey. A couple of months ago, sakaroğlu went to the court claiming that his 22 months old son amani ali was snatched by his mother and the court decided “to prevent the little boy leave the country as a precautionary measure”. As sakaroğlu legally prevented his son leave the country, he took the boy back from his mother. This time, the mother claimed that her son was snatched by his father and admitted to the international criminal court.

The event had wide coverage in the british media and mehmet baki sakaroğlu said his life turned upside down with the facts he learned about his wife, “i found out that she was a drugs dealer and jailed for six months for the offense. I was shocked to see her photographs and correspondence on social networking sites revealing that she had relationships with other men while she was pregnant to our child. British mag “take a break” put me on the headlines claiming that i had snatched my child. The magazine devoted 4 pages to me and my boy introducing me as a stripper at a nightclub. I will sue the magazine, too. All written are claims, there is nothing real. I have my documents that will prove the lies told about my wife.”

Mum started a campaign on facebook to “bring amani home”

Meanwhile, anisa khansia started an online petition on social networking website facebook to help bring amani home. Brits give great support to the page titled “bring amani khansia home”

Around 40 friends and family of amani have organised a walk beginning at noon october 8 from blackburn town hall to darwen market and back. The group will wear t-shirts with his picture on to raise awareness of his case.

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